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3 Ways to Stay Safe in the Metaverse

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

The metaverse is the future of the world of technology. However, it's still relatively new to most people and has been so highly debated, bringing much confusion regarding what it is.

So What is A Metaverse?

Is it a video game, social media network, or a cool new tool?

In this article, we’ll clarify what a metaverse is and how to stay safe while using it.

A metaverse, also known as the 3D internet, is a shared virtual space that enhances digital and physical realities. In other words, it enables users to be present in a physical and digital space simultaneously.

As such, users can access it through a single access point the same way they do the internet. This way, they can participate virtually in day-to-day activities, similar to how they would in real life. Examples could be:

  • Gaming

  • Watching a movie

  • Going Shopping

  • Learning

  • Hanging Out with friends

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need VR headsets to access the metaverse. There are many types of virtual worlds; all you require to use them is your phone, PC or gaming device!

Now, the metaverse undoubtedly presents a lot of opportunities. But much like the internet, the metaverse also has safety risks.

Don’t panic, it's nothing that you can’t handle!

We’ll share some easy ways to mitigate any risks, so you can rest assured that you and your children are safe.

How to Use the Metaverse Safely

Here are some simple ways:

Check out The Platform Yourself

Before letting your child join the metaverse, explore it to spot any potential dangers.

This will also help you familiarise yourself with safety controls, so you can have more control over who they talk to, the games they can participate in and so on.

Make use of parental controls to:

  • Set screen time

  • Block anything or anyone you disagree with

  • If you share gadgets with your kids, filter the content every family member can access depending on their age.

Be Open With Your Child

Have discussions with your child regarding the potential dangers of the metaverse. Do this in a friendly and respectful way to create trust, so they can come to you should they come across anything or anyone suspicious.

Always know who they are talking to. Ask them what virtual rooms they visit and set rules regarding which ones are inappropriate for them.

Supervise Kids While on the Platforms

Sometimes a sneaky person could be so good with their tricks that your child might not realise what is happening until it’s too late.


Supervise them when on the platforms to see what’s going on and help them stay safe.

The Metaverse Might Have Its Dangers, But you Can Help Your Child Navigate It Safely

We stay vigilant regarding safety when our children watch TV or go out with friends, right? The same should apply when they are in the metaverse, to reap its massive benefits.

Explore the metaverse, set parental controls and be open with your child regarding its potential dangers.

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