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Terms of Use, Code of Conduct & Remedies for Breaches



The purpose of the VBuddies platform is to provide an inspiring space where learners of different languages can interact confidently in a safe and secure, immersive environment.  The Code of Conduct must be read, understood and agreed to, by ALL users of the VBuddies platform.

We anticipate that all VBuddies users will interact with each other in a mutually friendly, respectful and helpful manner. But to ensure this please note the following specific behaviour which will NOT be tolerated and how breaches will be reported, investigated and remedied.

Conduct & Remedies

1. In all circumstances where a VBuddies user (VB1) finds another VBuddies user's behaviour (VB2) to be inappropriate and intimidating, or feels otherwise upset about it, the alleged offending VBuddies user (VB2) can be ‘removed’ from VB1's buddy list, and the alleged misbehaviour reported to the management as detailed below.

2. Allegations of racist, discriminatory or intimidating / bullying / harassing behaviour towards another VBuddies user will be investigated by the management and will result in termination of the offending VBuddies user's account if the allegation is confirmed following investigation.

3. An alleged offending VBuddies user's account may be suspended at the discretion of the management whilst the reported allegation is being properly investigated.

4. All allegations and outcomes of investigations shall be logged and the information stored for 5 years.

5. In the case of a report of a more minor transgression by a VBuddies user, the report may be noted (as in 4 above). Future transgressions may lead to the termination of their account at the discretion of the management. 

Reporting a Breach of the Code

1. To report a concern that a VBuddies user has fallen beneath the threshold of a VBuddies user's expected appropriate respectful behaviour a ‘Report Form’ can be accessed via the website here, providing all information requested, including a full description of the circumstances surrounding the inappropriate behaviour and any screenshots / audio or other evidence to back up the allegation

2. Upon receipt of the alleged breach of the Code of Conduct the company’s management will instigate an investigation and aim to conclude the case in as short a time as possible whilst upholding the need for fairness and justice for the alleged offending VBuddies user.

3. The management may seek further information and clarification from both VBuddies users during any investigation.

4. Upon conclusion of the management’s investigation both VBuddies users will be informed of the outcome. The management’s decision shall be final.

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